Be True To Your Teeth or They Will Be False To You

One of my favorite philosophers, Soupy Sales, came up with that quote long ago.  And…he was right. If you have not been to see a dentist in a while…please get on the phone and set an appointment.  As you get older, you have fewer second chances with your teeth.  When I was young, I got…

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Getting coached while getting old

I define a coach as someone who will cause you to explore areas of possibility that you would not explore on your own.  A coach is a person who finds a way to motivate you to expand your capabilities and do things you never thought you were capable of doing.  A coach is a highly…

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On Hitting a Rut in Retirement

I think I have hit exactly two ruts in my life…ones that keep me doing low productive/low pleasure/low “good for me” activities.  One was in my 50s when I used the excuse of prostate cancer to finally take me off my life long and nearly daily efforts to keep myself physically fit…run/stretch/lift.  I let those…

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Being on Facebook and the like

I love Facebook and I am on it every day…have been for years.  However, that is me and I know a heck of a lot of people who just hate the idea of being on Facebook.  I respect their decisions…but would like to ask them to think it through one more time. I understand the…

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Bored in Retirement

Why You Shouldn't Be Bored in Retirement,, Retirement, @DonHurzeler

Why You Shouldn’t Be Bored in Retirement  I’m often asked how I handle the long periods of boredom in retirement, so I’ll tell you: I have had no long periods of boredom in retirement. And neither will you. Retirement Means New Challenges  Find something fun to do and then do it until you are so good…

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Running Out of Money in Retirement

Running Out of Money in Retirement,, @donhurzeler

Will You Run Out of Money?  The biggest worry I hear from people getting ready to retire is this…”I am afraid that I will run out of money.” Legit concern. Could happen. However, it is often avoidable. Here’s the thing… If you retire with not enough money, or too early, or just barely enough money…you…

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Reflections on the Past and Adios to 2016!

Reflections on the Past and Adios to 2016!, Don Hurzeler,, @donhurzeler

The topic of this blog is…living our lives in the present and future. This Past Year Kicked My Ass  2016 kicked my ass. One of the best friends any guy could have, Danny Fairbanks, passed away…my buddy forever. I hated losing him. I still have his last voice mail to me on my phone…just so…

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Who is the New Retired YOU?

The topic of this blog is…You matter. I mention in the book that it is quite a shock to the system when you go from being what you have been for 40 years or so to…to what? Who and what is the new retired YOU going to be? You may not know that on the…

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This is the Reason Hillary Lost the Election (NOT a Political Blog)

This is the Reason Hillary Lost the Election (NOT a Political Blog),, @donherzeler, technology

The topic for this blog is…How Hillary lost the election (not a political blog, I promise). We Need To Continue To Evolve  It is critically important that we continue to evolve throughout our lives. By that I mean…stay in touch with current and emerging technology, adding new friends along the way, keeping up with trends in…

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