This is the Reason Hillary Lost the Election (NOT a Political Blog)

The topic for this blog is…How Hillary lost the election (not a political blog, I promise).

We Need To Continue To Evolve 

It is critically important that we continue to evolve throughout our lives. By that I mean…stay in touch with current and emerging technology, adding new friends along the way, keeping up with trends in music/fashion/the arts, and with national and international trends and challenges. In other words…staying in touch with the world as it now is…not as it was.

I think part of reason that Secretary Clinton lost the election in 2016 was the fact that she showed the world that she did not understand the technology that most of us use today. She did not understand the vulnerabilities of emails, admitted that she did not know how to use a computer and…in the course of all this discussion…said that she had not driven a car is something like 16 years.

This is the Reason Hillary Lost the Election (NOT a Political Blog),, @donherzeler, technology

No big deal, you say? Well, to a whole bunch of young people it made her sound like she was completely out of touch with the realities of today. I think it made many of those voters either not vote for her, or vote for Mr. Trump. And since it was such a close election…this may have been enough to cost her that election.

Not trying to stir up a political debate…just trying to use this as an example for all of us.

Keep Up with Emerging Technology 

You have someone in your life that told you “I don’t do email” or “I don’t own a computer” or “I don’t do social media.” Nothing wrong with that…it just means that they have chosen to cut themselves off from the current and emerging world. Write them a letter when you have a moment and say hello.

So…I like Elvis better than Kanye West…but I know the music of each and have an appreciation for both. When I talk to my grand children, I do not sound like I stopped participating in society in the 1950’s. And I am adding young friends to my network. The guy I trust most to watch over my finances is 69 years old. He will be gone soon…either retired, coasting to the finish line or dead. I plan to replace him with someone who is maybe 35 or 40….someone who will be around to take care of me when I need help.

Stay in Touch

So, once you are retired…keep learning…stay in touch…stay part of society. Otherwise, you become less and less important…more and more estranged, and you end up being the old geezer who hates government, hates TSA, hates the police, hates young people, or anyone different than themselves.

Pretty soon you will be out in front of your house yelling at those damn people to keep their dog off your lawn.,

Don Hurzeler


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  1. Pike on December 18, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Don… like your blog!
    I really try to not be old in thinking and sure don’t want to be that old gut yelling at people although I did just a fence up to keep dogs from cropping on my yard.
    Making new friends is hard as a single, for me at least. It’s a world of couples…loved your new book

    • Don Hurzeler on December 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you are staying in touch…it will pay dividends. I agree that it is a couples world. Unfortunately at my age (close to 70) I see my friends starting to lose spouses due to death…yikes! So, I am guessing that the only choice we have is to find happiness for ourselves, no matter what the circumstances. Look for happiness and it will come your way…but I hear you Pike…it is a more difficult if you are alone. Aloha…Don Hurzeler

    • Don Hurzeler on January 1, 2017 at 4:38 am

      Pike…good on you. Not sure anyone is too happy about the dog crap…sounds like a fence might come in handy. I hear you on the couples world…but we will probably all be single at some time in our lives and I guess we will just have to do our best to make it work. Good luck on your journey in 2017…and good luck with the dogs. I will say this…we have the same problem but it is fairly easy to pick up the mess from the lava around our house. Aloha.