What I don’t like about being retired

Topic of this blog…The things I do NOT like about being retired. #1 Aging I do not like aging one bit. Yes, I do love being retired, having just about no pressure on me, not having a schedule I have to keep, not having major responsibilities, having my freedom, not having to attend a meeting,…

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Has Your Retirement Been Hijacked?

Has Your Retirement Been Hijacked? by Don Hurzeler, DonHurzeler.com, @DonHurzeler

I think most of us want to do the right thing by our parents, relatives, loved ones.  We want to help them out when they need help. Be there for them in their old age or when they need help. We do what we can…just like they have done for us in the past. We…

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Bored in Retirement

Why You Shouldn't Be Bored in Retirement, DonHurzeler.com, Retirement, @DonHurzeler

Why You Shouldn’t Be Bored in Retirement  I’m often asked how I handle the long periods of boredom in retirement, so I’ll tell you: I have had no long periods of boredom in retirement. And neither will you. Retirement Means New Challenges  Find something fun to do and then do it until you are so good…

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Running Out of Money in Retirement

Running Out of Money in Retirement, DonHurzeler.com, @donhurzeler

Will You Run Out of Money?  The biggest worry I hear from people getting ready to retire is this…”I am afraid that I will run out of money.” Legit concern. Could happen. However, it is often avoidable. Here’s the thing… If you retire with not enough money, or too early, or just barely enough money…you…

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Where Do You Really Want to Live?

Where do YOU want to live, DonHurzeler.com, @donhurzeler, retirement

Why not live where you really want to live? Have you ever gone on vacation and so throughly enjoyed the location that you started immediately planning on how to get back there repeatedly over the next several decades? St. Croix, American Virgin Islands, has that pull on me. So does the South of France, Biarritz,…

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