Who ever thought a book about retirement planning could be so entertaining, informative, and inspiring? ...only a handful of books have changed my life. Suddenly Retired is one of those books...

— Charles Levin, Bestselling Author of NOT SO DEAD


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Don decided to make his retirement years the most adventuresome of his life…and his life was already one that even he would call “uncareful”.  The decision led him to experiences that will let you see his wisdom…and stupidity.


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On The Radio Again With Bill Brady

Bill Brady has a great radio show on 50,000 watt powerhouse in Phoenix, KFNX 1100. He had me on this past week…a two parter. Here is the second part of that interview…about ten minutes long. Bill is a guy who makes being on the radio as easy as talking to a friend in your living room. I always enjoy talking…

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