On Hitting a Rut in Retirement

I think I have hit exactly two ruts in my life…ones that keep me doing low productive/low pleasure/low “good for me” activities.  One was in my 50s when I used the excuse of prostate cancer to finally take me off my life long and nearly daily efforts to keep myself physically fit…run/stretch/lift.  I let those activities go during recovery…and guess what…once I broke the habit I stayed much less active up to this moment…at age 70.  That was rut number one…still in it a bit.  Rut number two is my first started during my retirement.  I am having a ton of dental work done and have used that as an excuse to stay out of the ocean.  Braces and implants, sinus lifts, gum work and the like is not very condusive to using a snorkel.  No snorkel, no snorkeling.  And…the surf has been flat…so kind of gave up on that as well.  Instead, sit in front of the computer and pretend I am busy and pretend I am relaxing.  Sucks.

So…today I declared an end to run number two and will also make a stab at doing something about rut number one.  Did a great session in the surf this morning.  Have been walking our steep hill daily.  More to come.

I bring this up because we all hit ruts.  They can last a long long time…if we don’t interrupt them.  So, just asking…how is your rut status?  If you are in one…time to crawl back out and really get after that retirement of yours.  Good luck and hold a good thought for me.  Aloha.