Why You Shouldn’t Be Bored in Retirement

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Pick up a new hobby or business skill like photography

Why You Shouldn’t Be Bored in Retirement 

I’m often asked how I handle the long periods of boredom in retirement, so I’ll tell you:

I have had no long periods of boredom in retirement. And neither will you.

Retirement Means New Challenges 

Find something fun to do and then do it until you are so good at it that you can be considered a pro, or have a product that is good enough to sell. That should keep you busy.

Or set some goals and go after them…like visit 100 countries.

I always have something I am working on, and always have some event planned down the road to look forward to.

Find New Interests, Make New Plans 

Quit telling people that you never had any interests outside of work…go out and develop some.

https://www.amazon.com/Smells-Like-Retirement-Create-Rock-Solid/dp/0998106305It is a great big world out there…explore it, and find your new life.

End of rant.


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