Reflections on the Past and Adios to 2016!

Reflections on the Past and Adios to 2016!, Don Hurzeler,, @donhurzeler

Photography by Don Hurzeler. Copyright Don Hurzeler 2017.

The topic of this blog is…living our lives in the present and future.

This Past Year Kicked My Ass 

2016 kicked my ass. One of the best friends any guy could have, Danny Fairbanks, passed away…my buddy forever. I hated losing him. I still have his last voice mail to me on my phone…just so I can hear him say, one more time, “Oh Donny Boy…this is Dan.” And fair to admit, that is one thing that comes along with the gift of a long life…the voices that bring you comfort and joy are sometimes lost. Those voices may be relatives, friends, celebrities you always admired or maybe even the bark or purr of a pet. No covering up the fact that we all suffer loss along the way.

I had an uncle who use to always tell me: we need to live our lives in the present and be thinking about the future.  And…Uncle Pat was right. We really can’t change the past, so we have to find a way to get along with that outcome and spend our energies and thoughts living the life we have.

Love The Life You Have Right Now 

I love the life I have.  I am so thankful for my wife, Linda, our two kids and four grandkids, my mom (God bless her…she will be 96 soon and still doing well), in-laws, relatives, two great business partners, and loads of friends and neighbors.  I’m thankful for waves, warm water, the lava flow, our adventures and our photography…and the opportunity to write.

So, a moment at the dawn of the New Year to think about and honor the past…and then off we go into 2017.

I start each January 1 with a ten-mile run.  Too bad you are not here with me, watching this 69-year-old former athlete stumble through ten miles would put a smile (or cringe) on your face. But, I will get through it and it will give me confidence that I have a few laps left in me…and I am going to use those well.

Goodbye, 2016! 

Have a great 2017. If this coming year happens to be the year you retire…well, then I KNOW you are going to have a great year. The future is bright indeed.

Aloha, Hurzeler

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