Where Do You Really Want to Live?

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Why not live where you really want to live?

Have you ever gone on vacation and so throughly enjoyed the location that you started immediately planning on how to get back there repeatedly over the next several decades? St. Croix, American Virgin Islands, has that pull on me. So does the South of France, Biarritz, France, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and a few other wonderful places in this world. But the biggest pull of all was and is…the Big Island of Hawaii.

Why I love the Big Island is unimportant and it is really only important to my wife and I. What is important is that WE LOVE IT.

Where do you LOVE?

You can decide to live a creature-comfort retirement in a place that fits you like an old, much loved couch or chair. In fact, most people make that choice, and I am not here to make fun of it.

I am here to challenge that decision.

I urge you to give your dream location a try before you settle for that creature-comfort retirement. By try, I mean a six-month or so test drive of a dream location….not a two-week timeshare vacation. Try on a new life and see if it fits. If it does not, chock this time up to a retirement adventure and go back to the place that gives you more comfort.

I am not advocating moving to Hawaii…in fact, I think it would be a bad choice for many people. However, I hear people every week say “Oh, how I would love to live here.” Well, if you are working, that may not fit your into your career plans. But if you are retired, quit wishing and start trying.

Try it…you might LOVE it.

Give serious thought to actually moving to the place you love most in this world, and see if happiness awaits there.



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