Suddenly Retired

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Published by: Kua Bay Publishing
Release Date: March 18, 2022
Pages: 192
ISBN13: 979-8985787535


What if retirement can be the best part of your life… even if it’s unexpected?

The road to retirement is typically a long one, with plenty of time to prepare (although most people don’t). The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything, throwing many careers into chaos. Some of us had jobs one day, and then they were gone. For others, the freedom of working from home has opened their eyes to a new, more unshackled way of living.

But eventually, you might return to work, and think the unthinkable… should I retire? Can I retire?

Millions have done it, but the path is difficult without experience, expertise, and a trusty guide. Suddenly Retired: A Roadmap for What Comes Next is a goldmine of knowledge drawn from Don Hurzeler’s experience with retirement, the pitfalls he overcame, and the decisions he faced. Do I move near the kids, or do I take the leap to my dream locale? How do I communicate with my partner to make decisions that works for both of us? How much money is really enough to retire in comfort?

Suddenly Retired is packed with practical, fun, relatable stories and advice which could make the next years of your life, the best years of your life.

Is it possible to rethink how you live now and bring about a more satisfying and rewarding future for YOU? To find out, read Suddenly Retired and access the tools you need to assess your unique circumstances, develop a comprehensive plan for the present and the future, and build confidence that you can “suddenly retire.”


“Who ever thought a book about retirement planning could be so entertaining, informative, and inspiring? There’s only a handful of books that have changed my life. Suddenly Retired is one of those books. A must read for anyone over 30.”
— Charles Levin, Bestselling Author of NOT SO DEAD

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