Designated for Success

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Published by: Kua Bay Publishing
Release Date: September 30, 2016
Pages: 168



DESIGNATED FOR SUCCESS is all about insurance careers. It covers:

  • Winning Strategies
  • Losing Strategies
  • How to Recover from Job Loss or Career Sidetracks
  • Winning Everything in the End

A central theme is that it is up to individuals to make their own dreams come true. The author has first-hand experience in this area, a bout of cancer having nearly stopped him from realizing his own dreams. He shares some of the lessons he learned from the experience.

“Don’t put off your dreams for some time in the future when you think you will have more time. You don’t get to choose how much time you have left. It could be ‘game over’ tomorrow. Figure out what you really want to accomplish in your life and get after those dreams…now.

“What is it that you are putting off for retirement, or putting off until next year when you think you will have more time, or putting off so you can help your wife or husband or kids do something? What is it that you wanted to do since you were a kid that you just haven’t gotten after?”

“You only get one life to live and you don’t know when that finish line is coming your way. Quit putting those dreams off. It is your turn to make your dreams come true.”