What’s Left Of Don

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Thinking of adding more adventure to your life? Take a look at what an uncareful life looks like…in humorous detail…and see if pushing out your limits might be a good move for you right about now.

What’s Left of Don...a book by Don Hurzeler.

A laugh-out-loud book about a guy who has run through life with scissors in his hands. Don lived on Wall Street In New York City and wore dark black suits with red or gold power ties. He now lives in Kona and wears whatever swim shorts and tee shirt that he had on yesterday. His uncareful life will cause you to laugh, shake your head in disbelief and either make you feel better about the life you live or set you up to expand your horizons for the future. What’s Left of Don?  Well, let's focus on the positive and say that his sense of humor and quest for adventure are still in prime form.  At age 70 plus, the rest of him...is what it is...and he is fine with that (not really, but that is what he tells people).


"This book is filled with laughter, adventure and stupidity. You will be thankful for the day you purchased it and it will brighten each day you read it or share it with a friend."
-High praise for What's Left of Don by the author himself, Don Hurzeler

“I could not put this book down, Don would not let me.”
-Praise for What’s left of Don, by the unbiased wife of Don, Linda Hurzeler

“Would I read this book if it were not written by my father? Well, let me ask you a question…would you risk a sizable inheritance by answering “NO” to that question?
-Praise for What’s Left of Don, by the unbiased daughter of Don, Stephanie Stanczak

“What can I tell you. The guy who wrote this is my dad and he never shared much of this with me…until now. No wonder I am so screwed up.”
-Praise for What’s Left of Don, by Jim Hurzeler, the unbiased son of the author

“What a delight! Every page of the journey described in this book held my interest and most pages made me laugh-out-loud. How this guy is even alive is a miracle. The book makes me question my own self-imposed limits and wonder if there is more out there in life waiting for me once I fire up my courage and just plain go for it. This is quite probably the most important book I have ever read and I want to send my thanks to the author.”
-High Praise for What’s Left of Don as imagined by the publicist that Don can’t afford to hire

"I only wish that I had lived long enough to read this excellent book by Mr. Hurzeler."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Excerpt from a chapter on Don's world travels

"I completely love Peru. One of the most interesting countries on earth. Just a couple of quick items from our time there…

Linda and I showed up at the palace of the president of Peru only to find it surrounded by armed military and water cannons. Seems there was some kind of coup going on. I had Linda go stand between the soldiers so I could take her photo. The soldiers were not amused, nor was Linda. I then approached the guardhouse to the palace to find out what was going on. A guard explained it was basically a show of force against rumors of a coup…not to worry. I explained I was not worried at all, but I was disappointed because I actually wanted to meet the president and see the inside of the palace. Linda and I were somewhat surprised when he said, “Follow me.” In we went."