YouTube Podcast with Andrew Holland…Really Long and Very Well Done. I think you will enjoy it.

I met a guy on a night manta trip…great guy named Andrew Holland. Turns out he has a podcast and he asked me to be on it. The podcast came out today on both YouTube and on Apple Podcasts. The YouTube link is

The Apple Podcast link is

Most of you have heard quite enough out of me over my lifetime…books, blogs, radio shows or when I have cornered you in an office, on a boat or at the beach. And…this is a lengthy interview…an hour and three quarters to be clear. So here is my pitch as to why it will not be a waste of your time…

This is the most honest, unfiltered, non-exaggerated, thoughtful interview I have ever done. On the YouTube one, you will be horrified or extremely happy to see how poorly I have aged…no makeup, no Photoshop, no clever lighting, bad angles. In fact, I wore a shirt that my very best friend in life, Mike Fayles, absolutely hates…and he was a big time guy in the clothing business for half a century. It is kind of me at my worst, looks wise…however, I did shave and the teeth look pretty good…so that part is ok.

Andrew did not provide me with any heads-up questions ahead of time. He did his home work and knew the right questions to ask. As you watch my eyes careen around like BBs in a pie tin when he catches me off guard with a great question, you will also see me quickly formulate fairly articulate answers…on things like focus, losing my fears, dealing with success and failure, things I’ve done right and wrong in my life, the great influences on my life…much like of all of my books rolled into one interview.

So why listen when you either know my line of BS or don’t care? Somehow, in all of that, some of the best life lessons I have ever learned get clearly explained. They may not come off as truth to you, but they will at least make you think about your own life lessons. BTW…I think we ALL owe it to humanity…to those in our family and those who follow us…to put those lessons down in some manner so they can be considered by future generations. Who knows…they may help someone. At worst, you have lost a an hour or more of your life that could have been better spent watching or listening to someone you do not know at all…or being depressed by the daily news.

And watch for Andrew Holland to grow this podcast into something special. He is a terrific host, with a solid family and business background…and he wants to make a difference in life…as do most of us. Give it a listen. Thanks…and aloha.