First Review

Bob Goldman at Creators Syndicate wrote a great review of The Way Up.  Great in that it was humorous and positive.  That said…you can tell he is not a big fan of management and certainly not a big fan of “insurance executives”.  But…he liked the book and gave it a bit of press and I am most appreciative.

He kind of shined a light on an episode in the book that I had always thought of as the right thing to do…show the big boss what was really going on behind his back.  Turns out that can be seen another way…like ratting out your fellow workers.  I think he is right.  Another way to look at it…if you have a workplace where everyone can’t wait to run out the door at night, you are not really doing anything good for the employees…and something has to change. The way I wrote it, it just looked like I was “telling” on people.  Lesson learned.  Thanks Bob.

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