Unique…Now that is a valuable thing

How many people go to Zion National Park a year?  My guess is that it is in the millions.  How many of those pack a camera and take some pictures…at least 25% of the visitors…maybe more.  And how many of them got the photo you see in this blog? Just me.  It is unique and it got me an Honorable Mention in an important Outdoor Photographer Magazine photo contest.  It is unique because I was fortunate to be there at the time that the waterfall split into two streams, that the sky was dark blue and the sun was blazing away in the middle of the photograph.  And…I actually knew how to handle that kind of exposure. And…had the good idea to position myself behind the waterfall to capture the unique angle.

Unique pays.  The million or so shots of that waterfall from the front or side won nothing this year.  Maybe the first picture taken of it a hundred years ago won something…but nothing since.  Unique.  It pays big time.

What do you do at work that makes you unique…one of a kind?  Impossible to duplicate.  The one and only? And is that unique feature something that business people value?  If so…you are already a success.

Find your unique niche at work and invest in it to be truly the best.  If it is valuable and you are the only one who does it…you are your own gold mine.  If you can do it as well as everyone else…you are just a part of the poorly paid crowd.  Unique pays…big time.

Worth thinking about.