The Importance of Time

We all have things that make us unique or different than others. One of those for me is my reverence for Time…and I know where it comes from. By Time…I mean, I hate to waste it…you never get it back…and it is the only space while on earth where things can get done. And where it comes from for me…a truck accident I was in long ago that should have ended my life at age 14. Also, my focus on Time during a long track and field career. Turns out “time” is important in things like a 100 meter race.

I don’t think of myself as “preachy”. I let my editors, wife, children, anyone who ever worked with me and my friends, think of me that way. I will resist getting preachy on the subject of time. But here is what I know for certain…we are all on the clock. Time is running out. None of us know for sure when the end will come. It is what it is. SO…please get after the stuff you consider “bucket list” items in your life. DO NOT put them off for a more convient time…that convient time will never come. Get that degree. Tell someone you love them. Forgive someone and put aside your bad feelings. Go to Africa. Quit drinking…now. Lose that weight. Run that mile. Hug your parents and kids. Buy and use the damn hearing aide. Clean out the garage. Start paying down your debt or start saving for retirement. Get er done.

I just had a friend who found out a friend was dying. She could have waited and added a bit more words and content to what she wanted to say to him, but chose instead to send something to him TODAY…right now…with the important stuff said. He got the message and a good thing she sent it when she did, he died the very next day. To me, that sums up the importance of time…and timing. Do it now…don’t wait…tomorrow is not promised.

End of rant.

And, by the way, happy holidays to all and a very Merry Christmas from Linda and I here in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii…where Santa often looks different than the one I knew as a kid…and who does good work for a good cause at The Salvation Army.


Preachy Don Hurzeler