And An Unfavorable Review by Carey Allen

Advice Only Applicable If You Were An Executive
Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2022

“This is the third book I have read from a former executive about retirement that shows how out of touch they are with people who were not executives. In my opinion they are writing books to fulfill their ego versus a goal of giving good advice. You cannot hire everything done in retirement unless you had executive level salary in retirement. You cannot go live wherever you want unless you don’t have family commitments. The travel to multiple foreign countries before and after retirement does not happen. Unless you are an executive, skip this book.”

Carey…thanks for your honest assessment. Would love to chat with you if you are so inclined…you can reach me at We might learn something from one another…and I appreciate people who tell the truth as they see it…I am often described that way myself. Wishing you aloha and hope you got the book as a freebie and did not waste your money on it.

Don Hurzeler