Where Did The Employees Go?

Maybe they flew off into the night…but I doubt it.

I live on an island. My experience during this pandemic may be different from yours. Here is what I have been noticing…

The Post Office is screwed up beyond belief here.

If I head to Starbucks or McDonalds after 5pm, they are likely to be closed…5PM!

I can’t get contracting work done without waiting months for a quote, then more months as there are so many in line before me and maybe more months for materials that are not readily available here.

We do not have enough restaurants open…or open for full hours.

I see a lot of businesses operating very limited hours…due to lack of employees.

Now, this may all go away when the pandemic lifts…if ever…or this may be the new norm. I sure hope it is not the new norm.

I do not know all the politics and social changes that are causing this drastic change in our economy…but I know part of it. A lot of people in this country have had a year or two of freedom from the office and they have decided they are never going back. Some will be wonderfully prepared to head into retirement or some new career direction. Others will be finding themselves in dire financial situations starting right about now.

So…I have written a new book on this topic…called Suddenly Retired. I can not wait to share it with those who might benefit from it. I hope to have it out by April 2022 or maybe sooner. My publishing people are not retired…and they are working hard to get this book to market right away. More soon.