Check Me Out On A Podcast with Wendy Green

I was on live with Wendy Green who has a podcast called Hey,Boomer. Here is the link to the YouTube podcast…

Wendy brought up an accident I was in when I was 14 years of age. I occurred on the same road where Tiger Woods just had his accident. That road goes up and over the hill where I lived as a child…his accident was on one side of the hill and mine on the other. We are not the only two who have run into trouble on that road. My accident is described in my What’s Left of Don book and I won’t repeat a lot of it here…except…that accident changed my life.

I thought for sure that I was going to die on the back of that no-brakes, run away double-bin gravel truck that was filled with gravel. It was going 90 MPH when it flipped. I was foolishly sitting on a wheel cover. My best friend, Mike Fayles, and I had hopped on it to try to get a ride home…without the knowledge of the driver. Mike jumped off and got badly injured. I rode it until it flipped after hitting another truck that could not out run us.

It was impossible that I lived through that accident…trust me…impossible. I have always thanked God for sparing my stupid life at that point. And the change it brought about…a life long appreciation for time…and for my being granted some extra time. Now…nearly 60 years of extra time. To me, time is that space we are given by God to exist and get things done here on earth. Up to that point, I had pretty much done the “exist” part. I really had not gotten to the “get things done” part.

I got another reminder of time when I got prostate cancer some 20 years ago. Again…the first thought was about time…how much time was left…damn, SO many things not completed. I got fortunate and survived…but re-focused my efforts to really get things done. I am still that focused. And I am still getting things done.

Wendy’s podcast put me back into that mindset…get er done! I have some more books in me and they refuse to write themselves. There is more world to see…once the damn Covid thing is managed. There are people to thank and love and listen to and learn from. There is my wife to love and hold and to whom I need to take some of that precious time so she knows for sure and repeatedly that she is THE best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Kids and grand kids to see and hold. Lots yet to do…and I am so thankful for the time to do it all…and VERY understanding that time is limited for all of us.

Thanks, Windy, for having me on…your are SO well prepared and a great listener. I loved it.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some stuff to do…and maybe a nap later on.


Don Hurzeler