Eruption on the Big Island…the adventures continue

Boom…just like that, we are back in the lava business. Kilauea volcano just exploded, sending a column of ash and debris some five miles into the sky. In just two days, it completely boiled off a sizable lake of acidy water and filled it in with live liquid lava…some 500 feet deep already and covering more than 60 acres at this writing. And it is growing quickly.

This is one of the things that brought me to this island to live full time…now over a dozen years ago. I love lava. So, this was an early Christmas present for us all. I have already spent two full nights and one full day out at the crater, photographing the action. At 73, I don’t do that as easily as I use to. I am just about done in at the moment and taking a day off to recover.

Pandemic…bad. Eruption in a safe place on this island (it is all within a crater at the center of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)…good. Happy for the chance to see new earth being built…in real time and up close. Stoked.


Don Hurzeler