My Pretentious Memoir -Part Duex…a new book by an old guy…me.

Here we go again. Another book. More fun. Something for the Christmas stocking.

My Pretentious Memoir- Part Duex is a follow up to my best selling What’s Left of Don. That book focused on my adventures. This book focuses on my misadventures. I think most of us feel we are pretty screwed up human beings…but you may feel MUCH better about yourself after reading what a true screwup looks like. AND..I have survived and thrived despite my mistakes, bad judgement, foibles and stupidity. I think you will find the book funny as heck and very encouraging. You will find you are not alone in making some mistakes along the way.

The photo is of Big Bill Collins…my father-in-law. There is some possibility that I messed around with his photo a bit, and I would like to tell you he loved this photo…but he did not. Big Bill passed away a couple of years ago, but his presence in my life will continue with me til I am gone. We had some amazing fun together and I devote a chapter or more to that fun in the book. Bill had been a president of a company, owned his own business, built a home…as in he was the contractor and owner of it. Yet…when it came to screwing up a bit…he could hang in there with me every day of the week. I loved the big guy.

If you enjoyed What’s Left of Don, you will love My Pretentious Memoir. Available at Amazon and Kindle or by clicking on the book title in the Book area of this website. Aloha.