Getting Ready to Launch a New Book…What’s Left of Don

When I retired from corporate business in 2008, I sat out to write a book about every two years.  One of those turned out to be a book of fine art photos called The Hawaiian Collection, done with my friends, CJ Kale and Nick Selway, and my wife Linda.  So, this latest book, What’s Left of Don, keeps me on schedule…five books in about ten years.  And…this newest book is, by far, my favorite book to date. I am sure you are going to enjoy it…lots of laughs, adventures and unique stories that I promise are told just as they happened.

The photo I chose for the cover was taken by our good friend and business partner, C.J. Kale.  He took it at about 5am on the day after we first met him in January 2009.  The picture shows Linda and I standing at the top of a cliff looking down into molten lava as it poured into the sea.  The cliff was shaking, as were we.  The cheap raincoats were to protect us from the acid in the air.  We were also wearing respirators to partially protect us from the gasses and acid in the air.  It was a sketchy place to be standing.  And…after that night…we were both hooked on lava adventures.

By the way, the next morning we hiked back out to this location and the spot we had been standing on was…gone.  It had fallen into the sea below.  Our last words would have been “Oh shit!” had we been standing there at the time.

So…I will not be subtle when the book actually launches in a few weeks.  I will let you know.  And even if you don’t buy books anymore…buy this one…it will be a great read…keep you smiling…hold your interest on every page…and help us to buy some better looking raincoats/slickers for future photos.  Aloha.