Who has your back?

I was enjoying my time in the water with five large Caribbean reef sharks.  I had the sharks in front of me.  I had a camera with a large underwater housing in my hands that I could use to push them away should they get to close.  The water was clear and warm and I was having a great time.

Wham!  I got hit.  I got hit on the left side of my back by a large shark.  The attached picture (not the best shot I have ever taken) is the reaction shot I took as the shark brushed by me.  He didn’t bite me…didn’t even try.  He just kind of  “tested” me by bumping into me with his mouth/nose.  It got my full attention.  The next shot you see is that shark taken from above…this one taken about 15 seconds later when I had jumped out of the water and back onto the boat.  By the way, this was taken at Stuarts Cove in the Bahamas. Many of you will know this great spot and will know that the sharks there are very well fed and use to being around humans…so I was probably in very little danger of being eaten or attacked.



Lesson learned…don’t go into dangerous situations without someone covering your back.  I thought I had the situation well in hand.  I could see the dangers.  The sharks did not seem to want to bother me.  I had the protection of my camera housing and the boat ladder was just a few yards away.  I had it all under control.  And then…surprise! Attacked from the back.

Who has your back at work?  Seriously…who is really watching out for you?  Do you have a coach?  A partner?  A mentor?  Because without someone who can warn you of the danger you don’t see…you too could end up as a tasty snack for the kind of sharks that live on land.  That is a risk you can’t take.

As Linda and I have ramped up our adventures around the world, we normally arrange for someone to have our back….someone with more experience than us…stronger than us….someone who can step in to help us out if the going gets a bit rough.  I did that same thing during my work career….and find it even more valuable during my years of an adventurous life.  Those who go it alone sometimes just plain go….