My Uncareful Life

This story is not in the book…not much to it, except perhaps a smile from you.

Linda and I had sold a house we owned and were moving out the next day.  Linda was cleaning the carpet and I crawled up into the attic to make sure we had left nothing up there.  It was dark. I was in a hurry.  I missed a step and, instead of stepping on a two by four rafter…I stepped on the drywall that was actually our ceiling.  Within the next moment, I was standing on the carpet directly in front of Linda…both of us covered in drywall dust…and soon to be looking up at the large hole in the ceiling I had just created.  Whoops.

Did I mention that the new owner was moving in the next day and this was in the living room of the house?  Fortunately for me, I worked for an insurance company who knew contractors who could help me out…at my expense….but in a hurry.  We got it fixed up.  I paid the contractor promptly.  We moved out the next morning. Rushing through life, as I have, creates the occasional awkward moment.