Celebrity Endorsements

This may not be about retirement…but it is about being old.

Growing up, the celebrities I trusted most endorsed cigarettes.  Someone paid them and they then told us it was in our best interests to smoke that particular type of cigarette.  Think about that for a moment.  Those trusted…often beloved…endorsers helped millions of people to start or continue a habit that greatly endangered or maybe eventually cost them their lives.  

Now days celebrities tell me exactly what kind of alcohol I should drink.  I’m thankful I do not drink alcohol…but if I ever decide to take it up…Johnny Depp is out there pointing me in the right direction.  And, as you may know, his life seems to be enhanced and improved the more he drinks.  I’m glad he has my best interests in mind.

And the biggest thing today…celebrities telling you and I how to vote.  Let’s think about that for just a moment.  They do not know you nor I…nor do they know our situations, needs from government, concerns.  They are in the highest paid part of the top one percent of the one percent.  Some, and certainly not all, have been through rehab, may or may not be well educated.  They seek your attention.  They feel they know more than you do about your own self. They may or may not have a money motivation to preach what they preach (we now see who gets jobs and support in entertainment and who does not…often because of their politics).  They probably think they are 100% right and their actions are ok…and so did the celebrities telling you to smoke their brand.

Just saying…one thing I have learned from getting older is to absolutely never listen to any celebrity endorser for anything.  Either they are being paid or they can not possibly know my or your needs and situation…or both.  Why even mention this situation?  I can not help but notice that retirement aged people are heavily targeted for celebrity endorsed products.  The celebrities are the people you and I grew up loving and trusting our whole lives…and now they are kind enough to tell us just exactly what we should invest in, purchase or use.  Oh…by the way…they are being paid for their endorsements…just like their fellow celebrities were paid by Lucky Strike Cigarettes and the like.  Pay them no mind…they are just trying to get richer and richer and have absolutely no knowledge nor concern for your well being.

Celebrity endorsements…worse than worthless.