The Truth about Simplifying Your Life

I love simple.  The fewer possessions I have, the easier my life becomes.  I’ve gotten rid of maybe 75% of the material things I owned.  But, guess what, that is just not enough.  So, my wife and I have been taking on the tough part of the job…dealing with the stuff we love but never see because it is in storage, stuff that may have some family historical value…but no one will want it after we have croaked.  To be specific…letters, promotional pieces from work, newsletters from work, art we will never put up again, old trophies, useful stuff that we have too much of…like rags and packing materials, stuff we have been saving for visitors that never gets used…like a Pak n Play that has set here for eight years unused.  Some of this stuff has some value to it…if we wanted to do an eBay deal or a swap meet or Craig’s List or a garage sale…but we don’t want to mess with any of those.  So, we are giving it away, donating it and sending lots of stuff to the dump.  Hard as heck to do…a few tear involved.  However, we found out long ago…we will never miss it.

I’ve been left several estates of very close relatives that were basically horders.  I had to clean out the mess.  Not only did I get no money from the collected crap they had stored…it cost me money to haul it off.  Took weeks of my life to deal with it.  So I ask…what are you hording?  What are you storing that will never get used again and no one is ever going to want it?  Do the right thing and get rid of it now.  Your life will be better for it…and so will the lives of those who will need to settle your estate when you are gone.

Simplify…and the time is now.  My dad tried to start organizing/throwing stuff away/cleaning stuff out…when he was 90.  The job was beyond him.  I had the same thought today as I lifted some 40 pound boxes off a top shelf while standing on a ladder…this is just about more than I can do safely.  It is time for me to finish this project up and be done with it.  And that is what I am going to do.

And now it is your turn.