Politics and retirement

The topic of this blog…Politics and retirement

This is one man’s opinion and philosophy…just food for thought. I completely respect an opposing opinion.

I vote. I stay current with the political scene. However, I am completely through trying to influence others to think and vote as I do. I am through working for campaigns. Not going to spend my money on candidate or causes. You will never get a forwarded political email from me. I am done. Been there and done that.

Why forsake something so important for myself and for the future of our country and the world? Because I have entered into a fairly selfish part of my life where I am focusing my time, money and efforts on things that bring me joy. Politics does not bring me joy.

One of my best friends is retired. He sends me scathing emails every day about politics. Most of them are not factual. All of them are unfair and mean. When I am with him, it does not take long for him to launch into the latest political news. Finally, I asked him…”Does all of this involvement with politics make you happy?” His answer…”Hell no, it makes me angry as hell.”

I rest my case.

I am focusing what time I have left on this earth on the things I can do that will inform me, improve me, engage me, entertain me and keep me smiling. Call me selfish…I am. You can be too. Give it a try…you might learn to love it.


Don Hurzeler


  1. Terry on May 4, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Amen Don….as a current political junkie I am quickly moving to your view of this topsy turvy world…Now, turning 70…and doung what I want to do, fret less, smile at the folks who are po’od, and lookforward to great and beautiful sunrises and sunseta…Aloha, Terry T