You won’t miss it…2

The topic of this blog is…the things from work you will miss.

You will miss virtually NOTHING.  I know that is hard to believe, but it is true.  You will be so involved with the new opportunities and activities of you life that the old ones will fade, fade away.

The above is not entirely true.  I had the very occassional opportunity to fly on our corporate jet when I was CEO of a part of our overall company.  That is not happening much in my retirement.  Got to admit that I miss that luxury.  Also, I was the highest possible level of flyer with United Airlines…that went away.  United still treats me like the multi million mile flyer that I am…but I miss the top of the line treatment.

I do NOT miss…being the boss, being powerful (in a very small way), being the decision maker, being in charge, dressing up in a suit, travelling myself to death, business parties, business dinners, sweating out goals and bonuses, having control of other peoples careers and finances, being an insider, getting up early to go to work, driving in the snow and ice, moving, being politically correct, being edited by Corporate, not having my freedom and not getting to live where I really want to live.  Do not miss any of the above AT ALL.

You do not give up who you are when you retire…you find the real you.  You will love it.


Don Hurzeler