Traveling While Retired

The topic of this blog…travel in retirement

I am a lucky guy in that I got to travel to all fifty states and some 80 countries before I retired. However, a lot of that travel consisted of landing at the airport, driving to a hotel, going to a meeting, going back to the airport and flying home. Not the greatest way to really get to know a place.

So, we do things different now that we are retired. Our default time in any given place we want to visit is one month. A few examples…we took a month to explore Utah, a month in Australia, a month in Egypt, seven weeks in northern Europe, three weeks in South America and another three weeks in Central America. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Did I bring this up to brag about seeing the world…a little bit. But, mostly I brought it up to point out that we are free to do this kind of travel because we have taken considerable actions to actually free ourselves up…no pets, no positions on any board of directors, no consulting, no grand kid commitments, a house that can take care of itself while we are gone…a selfish, us centered, carefully thought out FREEDOM for the first time in our lives. And…we love it.

If you want to see the world…really see the world…not the “A day in Belgium, a day in France, a day in Germany” kind of “see the world”…you have to be free if you want to really see.



Don Hurzeler