What if you are already retired and your retirement sucks?

The topic of this blog is…What if you have already retired and it is boring, screwed up and otherwise sucks?

Happens all the time. What also happens all the time is that most people in this situation don’t do a damn thing about it…other than getting more and more isolated, more and more pissed off at others and just plain grumpy as hell. Those people feel powerless to change what is already underway…a crappy retirement followed by their eventual death. Come on…admit it…you know these people and may even be related to them.

What can be done to reverse this unhappy trek into oblivion…everything. The retiree needs to go back to the planning part about what you really wanted to do in retirement and do it again. At some point, a wrong decision or two were made. They can change those decisions now. It is called a “DO OVER”. And this time around, focus really hard on the parts where you think you will most improve your own happiness.

We all know people who absolutely hate their lives, but are too afraid to do anything about it…too old…too poor…too dependent on others. There is hope for these good folks…real hope. All they have to do is take a look at what is possible…instead of focusing on the parts that are impossible. Maybe you can help them find a better way.

We have earned and deserve a retirement filled with joy and comfort. If it isn’t shaping up that way for you or for someone you love…time for a Do Over. Keep changing things until you get it just how you want it. It is entirely up to you.


Don Hurzeler