Who has your back?

I was enjoying my time in the water with five ten foot long Caribbean reef sharks. I had the sharks in front of me. I had a camera with a large underwater housing in my hands that I could use to push them away should they get to close. The water was clear and warm and I was having a great time.

sharks-who-has-your-back-hurzelerWham! I got hit. I got hit on the left side of my back by a ten foot shark. The attached picture (not the best shot I have ever taken) is the reaction shot I took as the shark brushed by me. He didn’t bite me…didn’t even try. He just kind of “tested” me by bumping into me with his mouth/nose. It got my full attention. The next shot you see is of that shark taken from above…this one taken about 15 seconds later when I had jumped out of the water and back onto the boat.

sharks-2-who-has-your-back-hurzelerLesson learned…don’t go into dangerous situations without someone covering your back.  I thought I had the situation well in hand.  I could see the dangers.  The sharks did not seem to want to bother me.  I had the protection of my camera housing and the boat ladder was just a few yards away.  I had it all under control.  And then…surprise!

Who has your back at work?  Seriously now…who is really watching out for you?  Do you have a coach?  A partner?  A mentor?  Because without someone who can warn you of the danger you don’t see…you too could end up as a tasty snack for the kind of sharks that live on land.  That is a risk you can’t take.