Learn to Love the Lava

The topic for this blog…Simplicity

At age 69, I am not as strong, fast, sharp or organized as I use to be. And yet, I continue to be able to function quite well. How?…it is simple.

Linda (my fabulous wife of 47 years) and I decided to simplify everything in our lives. We moved to a one story house with just enough space. We got rid of most everything we had that we do not use on a regular basis. We have two low maintenance/not very fancy vehicles. We are doing all we can to get rid of paper…old tax returns, newspaper articles and the like. We have all the right legal papers up-to-date and properly filed where people can find them. We have communicated everything financial and legal to both of our kids. Stuff is put away in an orderly manner. Our lives are set up so that they hardly need us in them to continue on down the road. By that I mean…when the time comes and we need some extra help, it will be easy for those helping us to provide us with that help.

“Simple” is your friend as you move into retirement. It may be all well and good right now that you can go to the store and buy a 50 pound block of salt for the soft water system. However, it would not be so easy for me to handle that task. I’m finding ways to do things that I can continue to do, without hurting myself, in the future.

We had a great landscaper who told us, when we moved to Hawaii, “Learn to love the lava”. That man understood “simple”. Wish we had listened to him.



Don Hurzeler