Fear Not the Social Security Administration

Hey, here is a happy topic…the Social Security Administration.

Wait…don’t run off just yet. There is good news. I did 100% of my dealing with the Social Security folks, to set myself up to get those huge monthly checks, online. I have never set foot in a Social Security office. And…the online process was easy to do, did not take much time and it was extremely simple.

My wife filled out her application on a Friday…online. On SATURDAY…that is right, the very next day…someone called her and verified all of her information so they could speed through her application. And that was that…she soon started getting those fabulous monthly checks.

Same thing happened when we both applied for Medicare. Fast and easy.

To be fair…I did have one run in with the Social Security Administration. They notified me that I had earned too much money and they wanted some of their money back. It took me exactly three phone calls, talking to three people who seemed to really want to listen to me and to fully understand my situation, before I could convince them that I owed them no money. They agreed and sent me a nice letter verifying that it had all been a misunderstanding. Total time spent on the phone by me…maybe 15 minutes.

One of the fears I had going into retirement was the prospect of dealing with the Social Security Administration. I was wrong. They seem to get it…they treat me like a valuable human being, do everything they can to make things right and go the extra step to make sure that I get the benefits that I have earned. I love them.

I am sure that my experience is not universal…but I will bet that it is much more common than you might think. Fear not…they stand ready to help you. Now…if they could just find a way to give all of us all of our money back, plus compounded interest….



Don Hurzeler