Woops! Got to be more careful with my words

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Zara Larsen and her Circle of Change radio show from Tucson, Arizona for providing me with a podcast of my recent segment with her.  I will post it within the hour on this site.  I just listened to it and learned a couple of things…

First…I use the word “absolutely” way too much.  I will absolutely do my best to moderate the use of that word in the future.

Second…I said something in the interview that was a gross exaggeration of something that happened long ago.  I mentioned that I tried to buy a part of my old company that was being sold.  That part is true.  The gross exaggeration is that I made it sound like I was the lead player in that action and that I had personally borrowed the money to make the bid.  That is not even close to the truth.  I was one of many involved in that bidding process and very far from being the lead person.  I was merely one of the potential investors/borrowers.

So…I caught myself and am making this correction before someone else hears the podcast and busts me.  And…I will be quite careful to make sure that I am much more accurate in the future.

Is that a promise?  Absolutely!