Tired/Exhaused/Had it/Can’t go on?

Join the club.  No one gets to the winner’s circle without coming pretty darn close to hitting the wall.  Life can be hard work and managing your career can make things even harder.  We all run out of gas. The trick is…how to get some gas back in the tank.

In my book, The Way Up, I have a chapter on “Bounce back”.  It is an important chapter.  It basically says that you need to have interests outside of work to keep you from just wearing yourself out at work.  I write a lot about my running and the good it has done for me in life.  However, running is not for everyone…so I thought I would mention one other to you today.  Photography.

Digital cameras have changed the way we document both our lives and the beauty that we see all around us.  Taking photos causes me to put away my problems of the day and focus on the scene in front of me for that moment and for many other moments in the future when I process the photo and figure out how to share it or put it to work for me. It is a good “get away” , cheap, fun and something that virtually everyone can do.

If you find yourself overcome by all the pressures in your life, take a few minutes for yourself, get away from the office and take a few pictures.  And, if you live in Hawaii like I do, the picture might look like the one in this blog.  If you live in the city…well, that is where I took the wheelchair photo that has kind of haunted me for the past ten years. There are things to snap in all locations and in every direction.  Take a minute to focus on something other than your work.  You deserve it.

I am in the process of putting up a professional site for my photos.  In the meantime, go to http://gallery.me.com/don.hurzeler to see some of the photos from my life.